Excerpts from Artesanía by Paola Proaño

Translation by Carolina Velasco







[ I go back


to the trenches

of the general carpentry]

[I the unnameable]

[the investments made

in wanting to carve]

[to arrive to one of the poles

time money and person]

[hazy matter]

[work dignifies

they say]

[I don’t play the part of a martyr

it is a vocation

source of first hand anguish]

[I wound

I whereto

I fromwhen]

[the hands

their hair

their complexion

does touching have a gender?]

[I soft

I lover

I impulse

I apprentice of the fluid

I sentimental]


the one who makes you face

the absolute of yourself]

[I thoughtful pole

that paralyzes before storms]

[a breath

a path

that doesn’t bite apathetic]

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